Deskmates 1: Some Summer Fruit

Introducing my new series, Deskmates. These are the foods that keep me going when I’m at work. Most of them are pictured on my desk, hence the name. Also, I end up eating at my desk while trying to respond to emails and edit drafts way more than I’d like to admit. No leisurely lunchbreaks for me!

At least I can enjoy the fruits of the season at my desk. And I usually stop to buy something at the greenmarket on the way from train to office.

Some of them aren’t even close to being local or in season, like this Minneola from Peru. I’m still not entirely certain of my personal plan for eating local, seasonable, and sustainable foods (besides choosing those as often as possible), but I’m allowing myself the occasional citrus indulgence. Until I move to California, that is, and have my own personal lemon grove. I’ll let you know when that happens.



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4 responses to “Deskmates 1: Some Summer Fruit

  1. David

    Looks tasty!

    Ever considered growing anything of your own? I’m down in Tennessee (still not quite citrus country), but I have recently started growing a lemon tree. Seems to be doing fine so far, and you can grow them inside. Thinking about putting in an apple tree and maybe some figs or something soon.

    Growing your own food is certainly rewarding, and at least it gives you something to do to take your mind off work and all the other crap life throws at you.

  2. Katie

    that orange is making me want one so bad….

  3. Are you gonna get a fig tree too? 🙂

  4. ian

    Can we please please please grow an inside lemon tree.

    Also, I’ve read (on the internet, so…grain of salt) that in some cases food that’s transported industrially from farther away has as much or less of an environmental impact than some locally grown food, since industrial shipping, pound for pound, is more efficient than the two guys driving down to New York from upstate in a truck. Which is all just one way of saying, I think no one will begrudge you the occasional california citrus.

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