Mango Sorbet

It’s the beginning of mango season, and the grocery stores in my neighborhood are stocking both the familiar red-green-yellow Haitian mangoes and the pale yellow Mexican ones. There’s not a drastic difference between the two varieties in taste or texture, but I think the ones from Mexico are a little firmer and less fibrous. I ended up buying those simply because they were the ripest mangoes in the store and I wanted to slice one up immediately rather than in two days.

Though my favorite way to eat a mango is just plain sliced, I wanted to make a few of them into a sorbet to fortify myself against the upcoming hot weather. This one-ingredient sorbet is easy and fresh, and the little sunshine-colored quenelles glow out of their dish even on the dimmest New York days.

Ripe mangoes are so flavorful and sweet that they need no other ingredients to make a perfectly silky sorbet (though lackluster mangoes can be woken up with a squeeze of fresh lime juice). I just prepped and puréed four mangoes with a handheld immersion blender and ran the purée through my ice cream machine. To prepare the mangoes, I sliced off the “cheeks,” the oval lobes of flesh on each side of the flat seed, then scraped the remaining pulp from the seed with my knife. I skinned the cheeks by cutting each in half lengthwise, placing them skin side down, and sliding my knife between the skin and flesh while gently pressing against the cutting board. When you’re preparing the mangoes, make sure not to get too many fibers in. They can clog the blade of your blender and catch against the ice cream machine dasher. If you see any clumps forming either place, turn off the machine (unplug it too, just to be safe) and pull the cottony fibers out.


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